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Xenoestrogens cause Early Puberty in Children


Xenoestrogens cause Early Puberty in Children

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premenstural syndrome pms pmdd and ovarian cysts have the same cause

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by Elizabeth Smith, M.D.

A True Help for the Ovarian Cysts


Ovarian Cysts may be made to disappear by fooling the body into thinking it is pregnant. (kvc)  When the body is pregnant, no ovulation occurs and no follicle occurs and NO OVARIAN CYSTS can occur.  By taking natural progesterone, a patient can fool the body into thinking it is pregnant and STOP the ovarian cysts from growing. Natural progesterone is a natural bioidentical hormone that your body produces during the latter half of your menstrual cycle and all throughout pregnancy ("pro" means "for" and gesterone means "gestation").  Natural progesterone indirectly signals the ovaries to stop producing eggs. Thus, natural progesterone commands the ovary to stop signaling the ovarian cysts to grow.  exercising woman

Natural progesterone is NOT the same estrogen and progestin in prescription birth control pills.  Natural progesterone is NOT the same as Provera or Megestrol.  These prescription hormones are chemically modified from the natural hormones to be different in order to be patented, have a monopoly, and then can be sold at a large profit.  Since these prescription chemically modified hormones are not naturally found in nature or in the body, they have many potentially dangerous side effects.  In contrast, natural progesterone is bioidentical to the hormone in your body, and is compatible with the human body with a minimal amount of side effects.  Thus, taking natural progesterone is safe, feigns pregnancy, and stops the ovarian cysts from growing.

Go to a new website that summarizes in a nutshell how to treat ovarian cysts without surgery. Also on this same website polycystic ovarian disease (PCOS) is also successfully treated by getting rid of the cause of the disease. You can see a video of a successfully treated polycystic ovarian disease patient here.

twins do not have increased risk
"Thus, by using Natural Progesterone the ovarian cysts will NOT be stimulated and , in the passage of one or two such monthly cycles, will very likely shrink and disappear without further treatment."

John Lee, M.D.

John Lee, M.D. claims also to have success treating Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with Natural Progesterone!! See Cause

Caution: The vast majority of women that menstruate have an ovarian cysts, and avoidance of xenoestrogens and taking Natural Progesterone works quite well. The cysts resolve in a few months with Natural Progesterone. Ovarian Cysts are quite common.

However, you must make sure that you indeed have a functional ovarian cyst, and not a tumor. Premenarchal women do not get functional ovarian cysts. Only about 10 percent of postmenopausal ovarian cysts are functional cysts. The other 90 percent are tumors with cysts that can be either benign or malignant.Other less common cysts include dermoid cysts and cystadenomas. Infection of the appendix, tubes, ovaries, or diverticulitis of the large colon may also mimic an cyst on pelvic ultrasound.  If the "cyst" appears to be complex or solid on a pelvic ultrasound, a malignancy must be ruled out by surgical inspection.

In approximately 1% of women taking Natural Progesterone by topical application, the women do not absorb the progesterone well and oral Natural Progesterone may be used.  Also very rarely Natural Progesterone may not stop the cyst from regressing.

Get Rid of Ovarian Cysts

NO Surgery!

Dr. Lee Treats Ovarian Cysts Successfully


Dr. Lee further writes in his book:

"Ovarian Cysts are products of failed or disordered ovulation.  As I have described earlier, one or more ovarian follicles is developed monthly by the effects of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).  Luteinizing hormone (LH) promotes actual ovulation and the transformation of the follicle (after ovulation) into the corpus luteum, which produces progesterone.  During a young woman's early years of menstruating, ovulation may coincide with a small amount of bleeding where the follicle has ruptured to release the egg.  This can cause abdominal pain, often with a slight fever, at the time of ovulation (in the middle days between periods)  and is commonly called mittelschmerz (German for "middle" and "pain").  Treatment might consist only of some ibuprofen, reassurance, rest and perhaps a warm pack.  It is unlikely to recur and portends no future problems. coffee exacerbates

Later in life, usually after their midthirties, women sometimes develop an ovarian cysts that may not cause any symptoms, or it may cause pelvic pain from mild to severe.  The cyst may simply collapse and disappear after a month or two, or it may persist and increase in size and discomfort during succeeding months.  Such cysts are caused by a failed ovulation in which, for reasons presently unknown, the ovulation did not proceed to completion.  With each succeeding month's surge of LH, the cyst swells and stretches the surface membrane, causing pain and possible bleeding at the site.  Some cysts become as large as a golf ball or lemon before discovery.  Treatment may require surgery.  (Removing the ovary along with the cyst used to be the standard procedure, but I recommend asking your surgeon to leave the ovary intact if at all possible.)


"Therefore, adding natural progesterone from day 10 through 26 of the cycle suppresses LH and its Luteinizing effect."

John Lee, M.D.

An alternative treatment for ovarian cysts is natural progesterone.  The signaling mechanism that shuts off ovulation in one ovary each cycle is the production of progesterone in the other.  If sufficient natural progesterone is supplemented prior to ovulation, LH levels are inhibited and both ovaries think the other one has ovulated, SO REGULAR OVULATION DOES NOT OCCUR.  (This is the same effect as contraceptive pills.) Similarly, the high estriol and progesterone throughout pregnancy successfully inhibit ovarian activity for nine months.  Therefore, adding natural progesterone from day 10 through 26 of the cycle suppresses LH and its luteinizing effect.  Thus, the cyst will not be stimulated and , in the passage of one or two such monthly cycles, will very likely shrink and disappear without further treatment."

  From my women patients, I learned that Premenstrual Syndrome, PMS, was most often a sign of estrogen dominance. I also recommend adding vitamin E in dosages of 600 IU at bedtime, supplemental magnesium (300 milligrams a day), and vitamin B6 (50 milligrams per day)*. This treatment is simple, safe, inexpensive, successful, and natural."


Ovarian cysts Went Missing!

Hi Doctor,

I want to thank you your website has once again saved another person's life !!!

My doctor told me to come back and see her after 3 months and if my ovarian cysts at 7 cm is still there, I would need a surgery. I returned in 2 months time to make sure I was ok.

When I found out I have ovarian cysts few months back, I searched the internet for answers and keep coming back to your website and bought your items. But I didn't use them.

However, I did follow your instructions.

NO coffee. Take vitamins E 600 iu before you sleep, magnesium, vitamin B6, etc.

And most of all, can you inform the world. DRINK lots of WATER. especially during our menstrual cycle.

I never drink a lot but my mother in law told me to drink LOTS of water and I did....

When I went to have a check up recently, the doctor could NOT find my cyst. It went missing !!!

Thanks to your natural healing to ovarian cysts...and inform the world your natural methods actually works ! I still have your bottle of Progestelle - unused....its a good souvenir for me.....

Best Wishes and THANK YOU !!!

Jovee T., Hong Kong, Oct. 10, 2006


Ovarian cysts Gone with the Wind!

Hi there,

Firstly, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with my medical problem. I have ordered your product because my gynae discovered in June 2005 with ovarian cysts on the right side, of around 3 cm diameter. She proposed to put me on contraceptives for three months and if she will not see any results to perform a laparoscopic surgery to remove the cyst.

I started searching on Internet and found your company. I have ordered your natural Progestelle, used it as per instructions and after three months my cyst was gone with the wind. Forever! Even my gynae was puzzled. CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU AGAIN. All my prayers for Dr Lee to rest in peace for his marvelous discovery. I would like to carry on with a maintenance treatment. How do I contact you. Should I go back on your page on Internet and follow the procedures or you send me a form by e-mail to fill in the quantity, my physical address and my credit card number. I live in Romania, which is located in Central Europe. Thank you for your help and hope to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,

Mirella D., Romania


*Whole grains also regulate hormonal levels due to their high levels of vitamin B and vitamin E, which have a beneficial effect on both the liver and the ovaries. In 1942, a researcher named Biskind found that B vitamin deficiency hindered the liver's ability to metabolize estrogen levels in both animal and human test subjects. The addition of B vitamin supplementation to the diet of women suffering from PMS, heavy menstrual bleeding, and fibrocystic breast disease helped to decrease the severity of their symptoms. Studies conducted at UCLA Medical School during the 1980s found that taking a specific B vitamin, pyridoxine B6, helped to relieve symptoms of menstrual cramps and PMS.

Research also conducted during the 1980s at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center similarly found, in several placebo controlled studies, that vitamin E is useful in reducing many PMS symptoms, as well as fibrocystic breast discomfort. Other studies have found that vitamin E supplementation reduced menopause related hot flashes, fatigue, and mood swings in 66 to 85 percent of the women tested, depending on the study. One additional study noted a decrease in the symptoms of vaginal atrophy in 50 percent of the postmenopausal women volunteers.

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Eliminate Breast Cyst

Get Rid your Breast Cyst Naturally






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